Our assurance services enable clients to measure, compare and improve their networks. Ensuring they achieve the performance that is required for consumer services, mission-critical communications and IoT systems.

Network Audit

Advacomm has developed innovative methodologies to provide end-to-end audits for network operators. Our approach brings together the use of industry leading test tools and combines this with OSS data to provide an accurate analysis of network performance.

We have the capability to audit networks using off the shelf mobile devices, our analysis uncovers the root cause of issues wether in the the network or due to specific device characteristics. This enables us to provide clients with highly effective recommendations.

Network Benchmarking

We work collaboratively with regulation authorities and network operators to define the most appropriate tools, measurements points and data analysis for network benchmarking. Our services include:

  • Regular mobile coverage benchmarking
  • Regular network performance benchmarking
  • Benchmarking against competitor performance
  • Recommendations for performance improvements
  • Detailed and executive reporting

Network Optimisation

Our optimisation services make tangible improvements to mobile networks. We improve performance, drive higher quality and ultimately contribute to better commercial performance. Our services include:

  • Optimisation for all wireless technologies including 4G, 5G, TETRA, NB-IoT
  • Parameter optimisation & KPI improvements
  • End user perceived performance improvements
  • Site verification
  • Cluster optimisation

Managed Service Governance

We provide clients with visibility and oversight of their managed service operations. We design effective controls and measurement points that ensure high quality services are delivered to end-customers.

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