Our strategy development consulting services cover everything clients need to know about the strategic use of telecoms technologies from a regulatory, business or operational perspective. Across AdvaComm we have access to specialist expertise that helps our clients make informed choices by bringing insights into the application of technologies and strategies to deliver the vision and strategic aims of our clients.

AdvaComm strategy services include:

Technology strategies

Our consultants have worked on projects that define the technical inputs for business and strategic planning examples. For example, AdvaComm have advised on the dimensioning of a new 3G network as part of a wider business planning exercise. This key exercise helped the client establish their network strategy for deployment and answered key questions on the implementation of coverage versus the need for capacity.

Strategic planning

AdvaComm can provide a mix of technical and related commercial consultants. Our consultants have worked on projects such as advising on the key technical and commercial aspects of planning for the launch of a new 4G telecoms network. The diagram below shows how we helped frame requirements for our client in order to start the effective translation from strategic intent to operational reality.

Feasibility studies

With significant depth of experience in telecoms technology and deployment, AdvaComm has the capability of providing high level advisory services on the approach to deploying network infrastructure and reviewing plans and capabilities to ensure they are realisable and in line with industry trends.

Market Intelligence

Leveraging our market knowledge and expertise. For example, AdvaComm have been supporting a prospective operator with insights on network technologies, standards, roadmaps and solutions available for deployment at particular frequency bands to make an informed choice on their preferred technology.

Regulatory advice

AdvaComm can bring clients in-depth expertise on telecoms regulatory matters. For example, providing advice on spectrum fees and charges to a regulator as part of a wider consultation with network operators.

In summary, AdvaComm provides clients with the ability to leverage our deep technical and subject matter expertise to develop strategies in a manner that can contribute to decision making activities and provide direct advice that translates into realistic operational plans that define the way the business will be established.

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