AdvaComm is a fully independent, ISO9001 qualified, technology focused consultancy company that has the capability to to meet the telecoms requirements of our clients in each of their sectors.

Network Operators – The consulting and training experience in telecoms and technology of our people stretches back to the earliest days of 2G networks and has seen us support the rapid growth of 3G and LTE networks across the MENA region and beyond. Our expertise has enabled us to support Network Operators with projects that continue to drive growth and optimize solutions in a highly competitive environment. The range of services extends from supporting business case development and vendor selection; extending coverage through specialist in-building design services; providing expert opinion and trouble-shooting and delivering governance for managed services, as well as training and knowledge sharing solutions.

Government & Enterprise – with our in-depth expertise of communications infrastructure and technologies we are uniquely placed to support the delivery of systems and solutions to support the increasing needs of end users to have full mobility and access in the enterprise and government sectors. Mission critical communications now require the deployment of established technologies such as TETRA to deliver voice as well as LTE overlay networks to bring data to support vital services from organizations such as police, ambulance and defence services. In the oil and gas sector, AdvaComm can provide clients with the solutions required to ensure that even the remotest parts of the world stay connected. For enterprises, AdvaComm can support cost optimization and performance improvement for communications infrastructure end ensuring the services delivers the needs of the end-user.

Telecoms Regulators – Our extensive experience of working with network operators, end-users and equipment vendors means that AdvaComm are in a unique position to provide vital insights to regulators from all perspectives. Regulators can benefit from a wide range of services ranging from strategies for spectrum pricing and policies through the delivering independent benchmarking of operators performance and customer experience.

Equipment vendors – AdvaComm remains a fully independent organization serving the needs of end-users, network operators and regulators. However, our technical excellence and services are also utilized by equipment vendors where provide key support functions ranging from design, planning, delivery and optimization services. With the growth of managed services, AdvaComm can also provide specialist support teams to ensure timely delivery of SLAs and compliance with KPIs.

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