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AdvaComm offers a professional project management course based on the Association for Project Management (APM) ‘body of knowledge’. Established for over 40 years, the APM is the leading professional body in project management with over 21,000 individual and over 550 corporate members.

Our course is delivered by a leading professor of project management from the UK. The course materials will be provided in advance to ensure time for pre-course preparations. After an intensive 4-day course, delegates will sit an examination on day 5. Passing the examination enables the delegate to qualify for registration as a member of the APM. Successful delegates will join a leading professional body and gain a project management qualification that is recognized and respected across the world.

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Course modules include:

  • Anatomy of projects: This session differentiates between project and operational work, looks at the project life cycle and the benefits of adopting a structured approach to Project Management.
  • Projects in their environment: This session addresses the context within which projects are managed. It distinguishes between programmes & portfolios, their management and the benefits of each
  • Concept phase: Delegates discuss project proposal, benefits management, needs statements, requirements management, stakeholder management and success criteria for projects. This session looks at option selection and investment appraisal techniques such as Payback, Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return. The Business Case is also covered, including an overview of the typical contents of a Business Case and project proposal.
  • Definition Phase: In this session delegates look at the importance and contents of the Project Management Plan. They also discuss Information and Document Management.
  • People in projects: Delegates discuss the ‘soft’ skills associated with managing people – human resource management
  • Project Planning: Effective planning and estimating help to define the optimum approach to executing a specific project. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) helps to break a project into manageable ‘chunks’. Delegates will become familiar with the process of developing the WBS and other structures.
  • Risk Management: Delegates are provided with the skills necessary to identify, assess and manage project risks and their implementation plans.
  • Quality Management: The course covers the aspects of quality control, quality assurance, ISO 9000, EFQM excellence model and total quality management.
  • Implementation Phase: In this session delegates look at project monitoring & control. They will learn about earned value management and how it can be used to monitor and control the ‘health’ and performance of a project.
  • Project close out: The final session looks at the importance of ensuring that there is a controlled handover and commissioning of all project deliverables to the ‘client’, lessons learned in success and failure, project review and evaluation

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Professional Project Management Training



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