Performance Improvement

Our performance management capabilities enable our clients to effectively measure, compare and optimise their network infrastructure to ensure they identify necessary actions for improvement and maximise the capabilities of the equipment.

Our aim is to go beyond the simple collection of data and analysis. Our experts have the capability to provide ‘deep dive’ processing of gathered information to identify and troubleshoot issues and make realistic, realisable recommendations.


AdvaComm is proud to be the first company selected by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the United Arab Emirates to undertake benchmarking services soon after the market was liberalised in 2007.


Our services include:

  • Regular coverage benchmarking.
  • Regular performance benchmarking based on:
    • OMC Key Performance Indicators analysis.
    • Drives test KPI analysis.
    • End customer experience.
  • Detailed and executive management reports.
  • Recommendations for performance improvements.
  • Comparisons with competitor's performance.

Our approach to benchmarking:

We have a well define approach to measurement and benchmarking of network operators. Our approach is to work in a collaborative manner with regulators and or network operators to define the process of benchmarking, the definition of measurements and KPIs and the process for analysing the data.


AdvaComm has the capability to provide teams to undertake drive test and analysis of all types of wireless networks to support post-launch optimisation as well as providing managed services and troubleshooting support. Our services include:

  • Complete LTE, 3G and 2G Optimisation Solutions
  • Site verification (coverage & functionality validation)
  • Cluster optimisation
  • VIP customer complaint handling
  • Parameters Optimisation & KPI Improvements
  • End user perceived Performance Improvement
  • Feature trial, rollout and optimisation
  • RF Shaping optimisation
  • Traffic balancing, handover and layering strategy optimization
  • Worst performance cell improvement

Our teams have delivered real results for our clients, helping to improve performance, drive higher quality and ultimately contribute to effective revenue growth of the operator.

End-to-end network audits

AdvaComm has developed innovative methodologies to provide end-to-end network audits for operators.

Our approach brings together the use of industry leading drive test tools and correlates with OSS data to provide a realistic analysis of performance in the network.

AdvaComm can measure the performance of smartphones on the network, without using standard test phones. Using a method of correlating drive test data with specific counters from the network, AdvaComm can identify key issues with performance of the network and the impact of specific brands or types of devices.

Managed services governance

The implementation of a major trend within the telecoms industry is the increasing outsourcing of network design, implementation and operations to network equipment vendors. However, operators still require visibility and assurance that Key Performance Indicators that influence customer experience are defined and measured in an appropriate manner.

AdvaComm have developed a solution that correlates network OSS data with experienced operational consultancy and field measurements to determine actual performance of the network.

In summary, AdvaComm can provide in-depth technical expertise and value-added solutions that will help to effectively measure and identify areas of improvement and optimisation that can lead to enhanced performance and better customer experience. To find out more contact


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