Our background in engineering services stretches back to the initial technical planning of 3G networks in the late 1990’s. Key member of our management team were engaged with the early definition of specifications and standards for 3G technology as well as the early roll-out of 2G networks. AdvaComm engineering services are built around our core foundation of excellence in radio network planning and design.

Our experts typically have significant direct experience of planning mobile networks and we have lived through the maturing of 2G and 3G technology as well as the introduction of LTE. We have direct experience in the dynamic evolution of the wireless eco-system and the dramatic changes from new technologies such as the increasing impact from the adoption of smartphones, phablets and tablets.

Some examples of our engineering services capabilities are given below:

Radio network planning

AdvaComm consultants have expertise in working with all types of leading network planning software across all wireless technologies, irrespective of the location. Services include:

  • Network deployment strategy
  • KPI definitions
  • Dimensioning (link budget & capacity analysis)
  • Propagation model calibration
  • Surveys & site selection
  • Coverage prediction and performance analysis
  • System parameters and features configuration

Pre-launch optimisation

AdvaComm have been providing drive test and optimization teams to vendors and operators across all types of wireless technologies since the early days of our operation. Services include:

  • Site verification (coverage & functionality validation)
  • Cluster optimisation
  • Swap optimisation support
  • Support for spectrum re-farming

Detailed system engineering

AdvaComm consultants have subject matter expertise to verify and critically analyse proposed system engineering. Our complete vendor independence means that we can be trusted to make impartial assessments of design and advise necessary adjustments to ensure that our clients meet their overall objectives. For example, our experts are advising on the detailed network design of a new TETRA network working alongside both the client and their nominated vendor.

In Building Solution Turnkey

AdvaComm have been providing In-Building Solutions (IBS) design and validation for clients in since 2011. To date, AdvaComm experts have completed over 350 IBS sites between designs and validation projects across the UAE. The team uses professional planning tool iBWave and have established a reputation for high level of quality designs. Recently, we have successfully completed turnkey projects in the Region including DAS, CW-EM and TI installations.

Click here to find out more about our IBS Turnkey.

Turnkey advisory:

AdvaComm have extensive knowledge of working with turnkey projects and effective management of subcontractors to provide clients with a one-stop solution.

Installation and commissioning services can be provided through our partner organisations.

In summary, AdvaComm has the engineering background and capabilities required to deliver telecoms network infrastructure to meet the needs of our clients. To find out more contact


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