Delivery management

As well as setting the strategy and planning the detailed technology aspects of a project, AdvaComm also has the capability to plan and manage the implementation of projects. In reality, every task undertaken in every consultancy assignment for a client is effectively project managed. Therefore project management is inherent in everything we do at AdvaComm.

Programme management

Programme and project management are a vital part of successfully delivering any strategy and ensuring you meet your goals and objectives. Having a clear plan that breaks down the vision and strategic objectives of a company or project to defined tactical programmes and operational projects is essential to ensuring all relevant tasks are well defined and executed.

Programme Management

AdvaComm has the capability and flexibility to offer clients with services ranging from the secondment of a single project manager through to the establishment and staffing of a Programme Management Office.

Our experts use standard project management methodologies such as PRINCE2 or equivalent to plan and execute projects to specific time plans, utilising defined resources and delivering projects to specifications in line with budgets.

There are 4 key elements to consider in every project:

  • Time – having a clear and realistic plan is a key success factor. Planning needs to consider all manner of internal and external influences.
  • Cost – linked to the ability to deliver the desired quality within the allocated time.
  • Quality – ensuring that processes are well defined and followed and that specifications are delivered at the planned time and to the desired cost.
  • Resources – the ability to plan and deliver the right resources to deliver the project to the desired time, cost and quality.

Procurement consultancy

An essential element within the overall delivery management lifecycle is the execution of procurement projects. Most projects in a telecoms environment require interaction between the client and vendors of essential equipment and services.

AdvaComm can provide clients with procurement solutions from single purchase of systems, through to defining the project for a network operator and delivery of managed services agreements.

Procurement Consultancy

AdvaComm has the capability to bring together its deep technical subject matter expertise with commercial acumen to deliver specific value to clients. Our structured approach ensures that we can fast-track procurement that delivers successful results.

Our experts can produce detailed scope of works and specifications documents as well as defining Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements that are relevant to the performance of the network.

AdvaComm have the advantage of being a fully independent consultancy company serving not just regulators and telecoms operators but also the equipment vendors. This gives us valuable insights into the capabilities of the vendors and how they can fulfil the targets and promises being made in RFP proposals and contracts.

Vendor contract governance

Post procurement, operators need to have the capability to manage the selected vendors in manner that ensures that deliveries are in line with the stated objectives in the contracts. Service levels and Key Performance and Quality Indicators all need to be monitored and measured.

AdvaComm has key expertise in management of the vendors, especially where the vendor is taking charge of the network infrastructure and providing a managed services function. In such cases, the governance of the contracts becomes essential.

AdvaComm has a blend of technology and commercial acumen that ensures our clients are able to design and implement a solution that ensures that managed services are governed in a manner that is seamless to the overall business. These governance services have a strong link with the overall approach of implementing a programme management office across the business to ensure end-to-end visibility and control of mission critical resources.


AdvaComm has been supporting clients with resourcing requirements to ensure the success of their individual projects since the company was established in 2004. Today, we are acknowledged as being experts in finding and placing ‘the right resource’ for activities whether serving the day to day running of a department or as a specialist within a project team.

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In summary, AdvaComm have the capability to procure, resource, manage and deliver end-to-end projects. Coupled with our in-depth and wide ranging technical expertise, we can add a significant value to any telecoms project for network operators, regulators, vendors or end-users.To find out more, contact


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