Delivering success for our clients

Since our launch in 2004, we have delivered a number of ‘firsts’ for our clients in the region.

  • Managed the Radio Planning & Optimisation of the first 3G project in the Middle East and worldwide for Huawei at Etisalat between 2004 and 2005.
  • Delivered the first HSDPA training course in the region for Etisalat Academy in 2006.
  • Undertook the first benchmarking in the GCC on behalf of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in the UAE in 2007.
  • Worked on the first LTE planning and optimisation projects since 2010 in the UAE for both Du and Etisalat projects.
  • Became a leader in IBS design in the UAE for Du with over 100 IBS designs & validation in the UAE over last 3 years.

Read more about our success stories below:

Delivering success with Huawei since 2004

AdvaComm have been continuously engaged with Huawei in radio planning and optimisation strategy consulting expertise since our earliest engagement with Huawei. Over the past 10 years AdvaComm have delivered consultants from Technical Director grade to specialists in RF engineering and optimisation across Huawei projects. Our success has led to Huawei inviting AdvaComm to join its projects outside our home base of the UAE, leading to expansion into counties such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Pakistan.

Feedback from the Board Room, President, Huawei Technology MENA Region: "I am very pleased to say that AdvaComm consultant's outstanding technical and professional skills have significantly contributed to the success of Huawei's first commercial 3G project."

Feedback from Director of regional RNPO Director: "AdvaComm have been selected by Huawei as a preferred Radio Network Planning and Optimization (RNPO) Service Partner in UAE. Since the beginning of 2009 AdvaComm have successfully delivered all RNPO related projects in the UAE on time and with outstanding quality. AdvaComm have always deployed high caliber expertise in the 2G, 3G and HSPA+ RNPO projects. Huawei are pleased with the professionalism, commitment and flexibility shown by AdvaComm in achieving project targets and ensuring customer satisfaction. We look forward to extending our partnership with AdvaComm in years to come! "

Long-term support for network operator Du in the UAE since 2007

An on-going relationship spanning over 7 years providing experts in 2G and 3G technologies for both indoor and outdoor network deployment. Our consultants have helped to develop innovative tools and solutions that have practically contributed to improved network performance.

Feedback from Senior Vice President, Network Deployment: "AdvaComm Associates have been providing high-quality, vendor independent consultancy to Du since early 2007. During this time, AdvaComm experts have significantly contributed to achieving performance targets and KPIs, resulting in improved user experience. Du very much appreciate AdvaComm consultants dedication, high-calibre and hard work and we look forward to long-term strategic relationship with AdvaComm."

Independent benchmarking of operator performance for the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in the UAE

Successfully delivering impartial service evaluation and benchmarking services to enable the regulator to assess coverage and quality of services provided by mobile network operators in the UAE.

Feedback from Executive Director: "The project was successfully completed and deliverables were at the TRA expectations. The results enabled the TRA to have an accurate assessment of the coverage as well as mobile services performance experienced by mobile phone users in the UAE. We thank AdvaComm consultants for their professional services and look forward to working with them again."

Training in new technologies for regional training leader Etisalat Academy

AdvaComm was the first consultancy firm in the region to offer HSDPA training to Etisalat Academy as part of a wider portfolio of technology, commercial and project management training courses it continues to deliver across the region.

Feedback from a course delegate at Etisalat: "An outstanding training course. Excellent training material delivered by a very knowledgeable instructor. We look forward to more high quality training from AdvaComm Associates."

Extending coverage with IBS design and validation solutions for Du and Huawei in the UAE

Enabling network operators to extend coverage and quality of service to indoor environments through IBS solutions design and validation services. Scope of works includes site hunting, acquisition, detailed network planning and optimisation services.

Feedback from the Project Director: "AdvaComm has consistently demonstrated delivery excellence with a high degree of professionalism. Huawei are pleased with the high level of quality, commitment and efficiency. AdvaComm have demonstrated their commitment to our business as well as benefits to our client Du through value added services such as coverage assessment and site hunting for IBS pre-selection. We look forward to continued cooperation with AdvaComm and confidently recommend them as a leading expert in IBS services."

Going beyond resourcing for Nokia

Providing an integrated service of on-the-ground consultants backed up by our centre of excellence in the Dubai office, our consultants provided key support to NSN with operators in the region over a number of years.

Feedback from Head of Planning and Optimsiation: "I would like to congratulate AdvaComm on the resource selection it always did. AdvaComm has provided highly competent consultants who have hugely contributed to NSN in the UAE. They have a wonderful team spirit and a high sense of responsibility. Working with them has been a real pleasure. Keep up the good work!"

Supporting setting annual spectrum fees for a leading regional regulator

AdvaComm supported a regulator client in the Middle East with the setting of annual spectrum fees for 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2.1GHz and 2.6GHz bands.

The project included undertaking a detailed benchmarking of international spectrum fees across all existing and potential new cellular bands to assess how the current fees align with these. As part of the project we developed a sophisticated database of fees for cellular spectrum in over 40 countries across the world and undertook and extensive benchmarking process taking account of the mix of upfront and annual fees, specific licence conditions (e.g. coverage), population, wealth of the country and the timing of award/payments.

The project led to the development of recommendations for revision of the current formula and parameters for setting spectrum fees.

As well as preparing detailed project reports for the regulator internal use, we also prepared a draft version of the consultation document to be used by the regulator in a stakeholder consultation process. We subsequently supported the regulator with its discussions with the mobile operators in respect of their initial feedback/comments on the regulators proposals.


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